Monday, March 30, 2009

Aspects to truth

Notice the small 't' in the Title. The intent is to begin to focus again on various aspects, with occasional reminders about the big 'T' issues. As one would expect, the area of scope is large, though we'll have some main threads, to wit economics/engineering and finance, that will provide some coherence, it is hoped.

Two recent publications are of interest to the subject.

-- What we know or can know: Say history and those involved in this discipline. Leonard Pitts wrote about Dr. John Hope Franklin and his work in the context of who even knows, or knew, the guy . Dr. Franklin was a historian. The interest of the subject to this blog is that the present is largely made up from the past (will forgo mentioning related adages). In this piece, Mr. Pitts listed a few books that can help to provide a more complete historical perspective.

-- New ways of knowing: More benefits of science and technology. In the recent Parade, Dr. Ranit Mishori asks "Can Your Genes Make You Rich?" which is of interest to the topics related to the mess covered by this and the related blog. The viewpoint of the article seems to glorify risk which needs to be better understood (it does not need a pedestal, folks - remember, near-zero). Of course, neuroeconomics, itself, is very much worthy of our attention. But, at this point in time, its basis is as shaky as any other, and topics related to neuroeconomics are very much apropos for discussion here.


04/21/2009 -- From the 4/2/09 Economist.

04/03/2009 -- USA Today, this week, had a nice retrospective on Franklin.

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