Monday, March 30, 2009

Near zero

Or is it near-zero?

This is a place-holder to fill in a hole (much like the earned-value post). It'll be filled in, through time.

For now, here is a brief summary in the finance context. It'll apply everywhere else, too. Now, consider a popular financial (see 2nd bullet) article of faith. That is, that we need to kiss up to those who display risky behaviors. Well, the mess is from these gals and guys who played in our sand (with our beans) as if there were no tomorrow. Sheesh.

Okay, to be technical, and using money, the truth is that noone gets more than a certain amount without extracting a larger multiple (especially, in terms of the relative effect) from the pockets of others. So, what is the proper share, that is sustainable and acceptable? Well, that is open to discussion, but it is definable and doable.

We have the current problems due to many factors, but the gab standard is right up there in the prime area (it's not alone, okay, nor is the set of factors necessarily minute).


06/08/2014 -- Does time tell? We need to look at near-zero's use in this case.

10/11/2009 -- Discussion has gone over to FED-aerated. Note the 10/11/2009 Remarks about the Business Week article on India's progress' inhibitors. 'Near zero' recognizes that some always suffer more than others, especially in win-win situations, as the whole notion of characterization minimizes visceral reactions by diminishing the real in favor of the abstracted (ah, the modern world, you say?).

09/09/09 -- We'll need to look at UUUN, as a framework, in order to know when a game is stupid (always, when others' monies are concerned).

08/10/2009 -- As promised, FEDaerated is here.

07/23/2009 -- We see Goldman raking it in. Too, some of the hedge funds have bled, some almost fatally, while at the same time a few have raked it in. How ought we get the type of accounting done that is required? Expect an econoblog soon.

06/17/2009 -- A fresh look will be needed.

05/16/2009 -- It's interesting how fairy dusting allows bloated remuneration schemes.

04/27/2009 -- Near zero, especially when the full picture is considered, especially that related to the human impacts. Accounting is deficient; oh, wait, its motives relate more to book cooking (oh, tsk, that's not fair).

04/17/2009 -- Minsky and the facts of ephemeral value are a couple of topics on the list. Too, near-zero is true; that there is argument for any notion of not zero-sum is bogus. We'll get into that.

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