Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lean and truth

It's review time again, being Thanksgiving, which is a secular American holiday.

As noted in the banner, posts here concern 'being' (small t) and its importance; basically, trends, such as Lean, have removed being out of the modern mindset which may explain a whole lot of trouble.

But, let's start our analysis with Lean, as there will be more culprits. For those who don't know, Lean is an initiative that removes waste from a process, thereby reducing cost. It can help improve quality, too.

But, Lean deals with processes, not being. Process foci lead to protocols. As said before, protocols deal with averages. The world of being is not average, anywhere. Or, we could say that being is everywhere dense. Yet, we have been allowed to stumble along with our averages.

Until, that is, we see things like the 787 project and the current economic mess. These two have problems with similar etiologies.

The questions need to be analyzed and addressed under a Truth Engineering framework. That is our work for the coming year.


09/02/2009 -- Lean assumes a current framework which can be improved. That the process is still effective during the change can be checked easily. However, if it is not still effective or we do not have a stable framework, then we were, by necessity, in the undecidable state.

Modified: 09/02/2009

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