Thursday, November 20, 2008

Islamic Finance

As we watch things unravel due to influences, such as leveraging and gaming, and observe discussions about how to get stable, we might consider that the big 'T' issues might bear some of our attention, at some point.

In the meantime, we might learn something from Islamic Law which does deal with banking (and finance). Speculation is verboten as is usury.

Business Week (11/24/08) wondered if "Islamic Finance may be on to something." But, the focus of the article was on how Islamic banks fared in the current situation of toxic debt. Well, "excessive debt" is not allowed.

One has to wonder how the western mind came up with the notion that leveraging was creative. Clever it may be; yet, stupid is another way to characterize the propensity to gamble away one's future.

Sharia-based methods do not mean not-modern, witness the debit-card offered by Mastercard that is compliant.

By the way, search at Business Week on 'Islamic Finance' and read more, if you are interested.

The current set of oops that is due to mis-cues, poor thinking, mathematical-malfeasance, greed, etc., cannot be other than a lesson on how not to do it. We do know how.


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