Friday, August 31, 2007

7 'oops 7

Any new product release requires attention to a whole lot of detail part of which deals with the activity involved along a time line. One type of method could be product life cycle management. Basically, any successful release is a demonstration of multi-disciplinary cooperation and of handling truth engineering.

As the product grows in complication, so too do the details. One can think about all sorts of decision gates that need to be defined and applied along the product time line. Let's call them 'oops; in one particular case, we can marvel at all the 'oops that a product like the 787 must leap through.

To allow a focus on that topic for awhile, a 7 'oops 7 blog has been created. Activity there is expected to further movement toward a demonstration of the necessity of truth engineering.


01/07/2011 -- A whole lot of water under the bridge with enough backflow to, perhaps, learn something.

01/27/2009 -- Now a new day and way to consider these matters.

06/12/2008 -- The focus of the 7'00ps 7 blog changed in November of 2007 to be more broad; actually, one motivation was that finance has many more oops potentials than does engineering. Why? Well, in engineering you can go to nature and test. We can find out if something works or not, perhaps even getting to know whys and wherefores.

What do we have in the dismal areas other than gab standards? Well, what is there depends upon a lot more than what has been allowed into the equation, as truth engineering is attempting to show.

Modified: 01/07/2011

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