Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Truth, can it be engineered?

A recent white paper on Truth Engineering and the use of the term by Oceani Digitali (missing link -- see Remarks 01/01/2011) indicate that this might be a topic whose time has come. This blog will gather links related to the topic and, hopefully, allow reasonable discussion about the need for truth engineering.

If for the moment one did not define 'truth' but used the term operationally, one could apply a dial from 0 to 1 where 0 was lack of truth and 1 was the presence of truth. Then using this dial, 'truth engineering' involves the conceptual framework and the means to push the dial toward 1.

Our experiences, including many long years of argument about truth, have shown us that pinning down a definition of 'truth' is not an easy task. Yet, the new dynamics, in all possible senses - of which the web-based and other modern methods (such as advanced analysis that can be applied to developing modern products) make for interesting challenges, that have been brought on by computation, especially as it pertains to our knowledge - mandate a technical imperative for which truth engineering ought to be a player.

Truth engineering concerns itself with how we humans and our artificial intelligentsia relate, so we can have beneficial experiences in the physical and the virtual worlds and minimize less-than-benevolent side-effects from using our creations. Truth engineering may even suggest that human-to-human interchanges may very well be improved through similar techniques.


12/28/2015 -- Of late, exploring the usefulness of Quora.

01/01/2011 -- Evidently, Oceani Digitali was a project related to trusted computing. Their white-paper, in English, use 'Truth Engineering' (first occurrence on the web of use of the term). That precipitated the blog. However, Oceani Digitali has, somehow, gone away. But, Truth Engineering remains as a basic concern with a broader extent than computing. However, software, in its many manifestations (including almost physical realizations), seems to be evolving into a main ontological tool, albeit with an applied mathematical flavor. That games (virtual and cyber) have accelerated in so many ways, of late, is a very good example. Many others will be detailed.

01/27/2009 -- The engineering comes about due to truth engine-ness.

05/18/2008 -- Early on in the blog's life, a poll asked if truth could be engineered. Here are the results, from a very small sample.

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