Friday, March 31, 2017

Bottles and genies

Today, we hear rumblings that Russian paid trolls to put out fake news. Heck, Silly Valley has allowed us to get to a situation where we do not know what is what.

And, we just followed them down the path of perdition (I have used perdition a lot in these blogs over the years). How can anyone be surprised? We ought not have let loose the Internet as we did. So, now, it's a mess. It was a mess the whole time after the commercial thrust got going.

I have harped on this a long time. In fact, from a mobile sense, I am 1G/2G. From a computational sense, I do a lot of local processing. I rent a VM for my website. Cloud? It's a muddy mess. I do use it for storage. Carefully.

When I see Silly Valley's results over the past couple of decades, I grieve. I'm old. But, the youngsters are going to have to clean up the messes. Oh sure, jobs.

And so, here we are. I'll have to get back to writing posts, such as these: We let the genie out of the bottle and Genie out of the bottle

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