Sunday, March 6, 2016

False beliefs

One thing that truth engines would deal with would be falsehood. That is, these two, true and false, relate even if we do not descend to the binary situation which we will not.

Why? Undecidability, namely. We will be getting to this.

Recently, someone on Quora asked: Do you believe the Earth is flat or in the shape of a sphere?  This is my answer. First of all, Euclid knew flat and round. So, we don't have to get to modern means to know this. However, we do. It wasn't until the 19th century that progress was made in non-Euclidean means.

In any case, we have to differentiate between the earth and the world. We know that the earth is semi-round. However, the world is flat. In fact, Hilbert's model that is the basis for mathematical physics, in part, is flat.

It's the use of "believe" that is interesting. We all believe. It's a type of closure and is necessary for effectiveness. But, there has been work related to "false beliefs" in studies related to the development of the mind. So, here are some points for later use.
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