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This post claims this concept. Its use precedes the Internet. There have been many usages of it over the past 20 years. Example (this is a capture of a controversial forum at anglefire - there are oodles more).

Search on psychether now, and you will not find my usage (all sorts of reasons). So, the claim is precedence, only. Plus, I intend here (and at another site) to lay out the motivations, usages, and ramifications for this concept.

Briefly, the psyche part is well known but little understood despite all sorts of efforts to explain the thing. Well, we do not have to understand (just as John v N said of mathematics), we get used to it. Well, the mind is known to all cogitating humans. That is a large group. There are ways for us, now, to experiment such as to observe and document effects. Is this bordering on metaphysics. No, see next? Anytime someone does broach that, it's their right. Okay? But, it is not necessary.

Now, Ether is the key. I have all sorts of things to discuss here and will get to it. But, a good analog to consider is that which mind (psyche, and more) can influence (warp) similar to what we see matter do with space-time. Some claim that it's related to energy (that's not wrong; it's incomplete). ... The solution is to have an operational framework. Now, whether someone accepts the work or not is immaterial if there are results that can be observed (no trickery).


What took so long? I have been at this since the '60s, working alone, essentially. But, I have been fortunate enough to have been involved with advanced computing dealing with real problems of a very complicated nature. Too, I have known, and worked with, amazing individuals (who are not on anyone's radar - talking heads jabber, confound, entertain, ...). That whole stream of experiences honed the basis. I have been retired for 10 years now, again working alone which is what the autodidact does. Too, this past decade has run the gamut (lessons to learn on all sides). But, the web both evolved and devolved within that time frame. And, so, guess what is one row that needs to be hoed (sorry, I'm an old guy)? Truth engineering.


Cosmology and relativistic physics and quantum views? Yes, they will all come into play. Thought experiments can go a long way. But, at some point, results are necessary. That is the current stage; bringing privately measured results (not all) out to public review which is the bailiwick of science.

Remarks: Modified 07/04/2018

08/11/2015 -- On a quick review of digital files, first reference (talking dynamics) was in the late 80s, early 90s time frame, Manual notes are older (will get to this at some point). The fact of precedence can be supported (will look at way back).

Found this older site (Scholars) with mid-1990s entry into a database (retrieved 2006).

08/13/2015 -- For those on Quora, go to my blog and look up G. Metanomski with whom I had discussed his work in physics related to AE and Infeld. This post was only to set the originality and temporal aspects in order (on the ever-changing web/cloud/...).

08/14/2015 -- Another view, similar theme.  Good reviews in Quora.

09/07/2015 -- Psychether considered in the context of Multisense Realism.

07/03/2018 -- This is late, but it's further filled in: Psyche-ether on Quora. See above, 08/11/2015, image of profile from the 1990s updated today.

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