Monday, March 5, 2012

Cognitive holes

One thing that we'll have to discuss will be how 'cognition' is a mutual affair. Yes, from whence things like group-think? It's more natural, and pervasive, than we might want to consider (since, it doesn't say much for our glorious selves -- or, says things about ourselves that need more attention).


Lil Timmy wrote, recently, about how many want to get back to their mischievous ways: Financial Crisis Amnesia. We, earlier, used Minsky's work (7oops7, Truth Engineering) to discuss this. In a nutshell (and, 'nut' is more apropos than you may realize): un-grounded finance becomes gaseous quickly (motivation, in part, for Fedaerated).


We'll need to get back to looking at our basis and, in doing so, add in some new twists (your cat making you crazy?).


05/22/2012 -- FB will be a focus for discussion.

05/01/2012 -- We'll need to talk singularity in the context of Alan. The computer has as many holes as do we; however, we can cut out of the fog.

03/11/2012 -- In this regard, we need to consider computational aspects, to boot.

Modified: 05/22/2012

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