Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Paul as CEO

Yes, Paul as in the Letters to the Corinthians. See One World, Under God.

Interesting secular take. My first thought was this: how unlike the CEOs of now, celestial stars that they are (in their own eyes manifesting, almost, a perpetual right-of-kings attitude - the Board, of course, as the bestower, thereof).

Then, the thoughts touched on subjects, like globalization, the consumer, labor, et al, as things have been screwed up by these celestials and their ilk, like the latter day variety that wants big pay (for what?).

Following that, and not needing t-issues yet in the scope, thoughts consider that we can look at the current state of the affairs in relation to the time of Paul, via the referenced article.

Briefly, Paul had imperial aspirations, like any CEO, yet his were not based upon needs for aggrandizement or vulgar collections of wealth. Nor, was it to exploit resources according to some doctrine of optimization which, by definition, is sub-optimal for us all, for several reasons.

Paul also had a greater purpose which a modern CEO could argue is outside of his or her scope. Yet, when one looks at the screwed up nature of things, and this is much more than the mere hiccups that we saw with the financial idiots this past year, where is any viewpoint that transcends the silliness?

The mention here, a time or two, that we need 'monks' to run things ought to have some appeal. But, wait! We could start, too, with some mature discussion about term limits. Who the heck needs 'professional' career politicians?

Solve that, and the issue of managers could follow, by law. By the way, see Fallows (same issue): Two years ago, ..., I described an economic symbiosis in which Chinese workers assembled many of the world’s products—while ... America or other rich countries got the lion’s share of the financial returns. It is the announced policy of the Chinese government, and of many Chinese companies, to keep more of the rewards in China. ... Outsiders can rightly criticize the Chinese government ... no one can criticize its ambition to increase the rewards for its people’s work.


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