Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wealth and truth

Retirement issues are getting more press with the aging boomers coming to the related milestones. In many cases, the articles are of practical use as a growing set of people will need to manage their affairs in the fall of their lives. Generally, retirement has not been given much attention; why else would there have been the raids on savings and funds that we've seen which essentially depleted hope for many?

And, financial gaming is finally getting some attention, especially in its impact on those approaching retirement.

Sometimes, the articles relate to a very small set. Today, Barron's article "How much of a nest egg do you need to join the true elite?" asked the question of what is needed to be rich (the general agreement is around the $25 million mark) and looked at three groups who can be considered rich ($25M+, $50M+, and $500M+). Naturally, the cardinality of these sets, presumably of the US population, is comparatively small (129K, 49K, and 1.4K, respectively).

One could think about types of studies that such facts might lead to, such as asking how 'elite' in this sense compares to other types of eliteness or looking at what particular game provided the spigot or similar analysis. Questions arise about what emaciated economic carcasses line the playground after having fed into the wealth stream.

So, value and related concepts will continue to be of importance to discussions about truth.


11/12/2008 --

Well, things feel apart fairly quickly, starting in September of 2008. By N0vember, there was general spooking. Starting in September, movements toward nationalization sped so fast that it was easy to forget that a Republican administration was still in the White House. Talk about rewarding hubris and moral hazardness!!!!

07/31/2008 --

It's not enough to rant and spout off. So, let's start something constructive by looking at money and what it is.

Modified: 11/12/2008

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