Friday, October 26, 2007

Criticism and truth

We've become a generation of critics. Actually, the modern ploy has made it worse. People rise up to a point of no action (beyond working the talking head and pointing finger) from which they apply infinite wisdom and choice impacting the rest of us.

As said before, there are doers and lookers. Fortunately, there are sufficient numbers of the former that we see progress. Yet, the glorified goals of careerism is to rise; again, there are sufficient numbers of non-risers who keep doing.

We ought to recognize more those who can do something. ... (the antithesis might be a type of business [doesn't need to be named] that exalts at .4B profit, then has the bottom fall out to the tune of 8.2B+ --- the net effect is that pockets of the many were picked by the few [this ought to be considered in depth], fruits enjoyed by the few [in many cases, there is no retribution -- like, turn back in your bonus, guy/gal], then reality struck --- fortunately, other companies actually built products that can do things).

'I'm a critic' a modern worker realized. One role is going around evaluating and rating those who produce. It's an important role; yet, without actually having hands-on [to be defined], what is the basis for the analytics.

So, that leads to farming out advanced work and how some problems may actually be inherent. That this is so has partly to do with how truth is not a mental exercise, at least not totally so, rather it has to tie to effect, hopefully, in the more complex situations of life.


05/09/2011 -- Doers, reconsidered.

07/29/2009 -- At Oskosh, the air show, the Airbus 380 landed in a cross-wind. Evidently, some critical comments lead to a discussion which relates to the theme of this post. So, that brings up the overall issue of doers versus lookers, including farming out what ought to be one's core business.

01/27/2009 -- Now a new day and way to consider these matters.

01/01/2008 -- Related to this topic is that what the world may need is better critics, witness the rise of critical thinking awareness. One argument, related to practice, is that criticizing may be more effective when done from a viewpoint of experience, not academics.

There is always the issue that improvements through time puts binders on us from several angles though we do enjoy the benefits of most of these.

Modified: 05/09/2011

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