Monday, May 18, 2009

People matters

The Grant Study, and similar research, can contribute to discussions related to truth and to how we need to be cognizant of, understand, and know how to use truth engines.

Why? Humans will continue to be an important factor despite progress in our artifacts in terms that have human analogs, such as intelligent automatons. That humans have interesting attributes that have not been, and may not ever be (big T issue), replicated by a machine has to be addressed and not avoided.

A recent Atlantic article (about the work of Dr Vaillant) is a good place to start to get an introduction to this work. One aspect that will be looked at further is the defense mechanism response which is a functional output to input. That is, as our artifacts evolve, some analog of this characteristic may very well come to fore.

But, we don't have to reach that far, as it can be observed that traits of leaders can be understood in this sense. Who doesn't know of a CEO whose personality may border on megalomania, for instance? Too, organizations of humans can exhibit properties that appear as some aggregate of the members.

That humans will be central to truth processing is one given to the endeavor related by the blog. Of course, people matters will involve much more than psychology.

As said elsewhere, the epitome of truth processing may very will be some type of 'borg' arrangement where human intuition is sustained, augmented (yes, augmented reality is definitely one of the many things to look at), traced, and otherwise enabled to be more functional. Of course, the context is not science fiction here, though some tendency to futuristic thinking can be expected.


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